On 1 July 2016 the NAB Group successfully transferred five of our super funds into one new fund called the MLC Super Fund, on a successor fund transfer basis.

The MLC Super Fund is operated under the governance of another trustee in the NAB Group, NULIS Nominees (Australia) Limited.  Consolidating our super funds streamlines our business and creates the scale to allow us to become more efficient, easy to deal with and deliver even more value to our members.

Please note, this website contains some information that was issued by or on behalf of PFS Nominees Pty Limited in relation to the Plum Superannuation Fund, one of the super funds that transferred into the MLC Super Fund.  We have retained this information as it remains useful in assisting members with their superannuation journey.

What’s changed

MLC Super Fund can now accept Contribution Splitting for FY 2015/16

Contribution Splitting is now legally permitted without restriction within the MLC Super Fund from financial year 2015-2016 onwards

Initial restrictions to Contribution Splitting

As part of our communication to members we Successor Fund Transferred (SFT) to the MLC Super Fund on 1 July 2016, we highlighted the SFT-related legal restrictions to Contribution Splitting, whereby the Trustee of the new MLC Super Fund was not permitted to accept or process Contribution Splitting requests for previous years from accounts in the previous super funds.

In that communication, transferring members were asked to submit requests for Contribution Splitting by 17 June 2016, (prior to the SFT date) after which any further submissions were legally required to be rejected. 

Restrictions now lifted - APRA Relief Granted - Contribution Splitting for 2015/16 financial year can now be processed

Following an application to APRA, we have now received an exception to the SFT regulation that prevents the splitting of contributions.  As a result, we can now accept transferred member requests to split contributions for 2015/16 financial year. Please note 2014/15 financial year is not part of this relief.