Education and support tools from MLC's team of experts on super and investment issues.And stay informed with practical ways to weather the Coronavirus market volatility and stay focused on your long-term financial goals.


COVID-19 and personal credit ratings

Having a good credit rating matters. Bad credit ratings can affect your ability to get a mortgage, secure a car loan, even get a credit card.


Shares: why long-term investing works

Why long-term investing works when it comes to shares—we address some of the key benefits.


Financial lessons from COVID-19

Here’s five financial lessons that are helping people get through the COVID-19 crisis.


Protecting yourself from super and investment scams

How you can protect yourself from scammers and what you should look out for.


How to manage debt during COVID-19

Get back on track with managing your debt during COVID-19: six simple steps.


Rebuilding super after early access

Super savings are for your retirement, for ‘future you’. However, as a result of the financial hardship caused by Coronavirus, access to super may be an important way to help you make ends meet at a difficult time. We consider how you can boost and rebuild your retirement savings when your circumstances allow.


Coronavirus investment opportunities – what to look for in share markets

If you’re looking for investment opportunities amid Coronavirus, to achieve long-term returns, these five principles may help.


How different investment types play a role in market volatility

Understanding the different types of investments and how they work can help to explain why events like Coronavirus may be impacting some peoples’ investment portfolios and super more than others.


Why Coronavirus has more impact on some super investments

Understanding how super is being invested may help to explain why events like Coronavirus are impacting account balances.


Managing the impact of volatile markets on your retirement savings

If your retirement savings are being affected by heightened volatility in share markets, here’s some things to keep in mind.


Dealing with market volatility for soon-to-be retirees

While many investors are being advised to stay the course and wait for markets to recover, for soon-to-be retirees with different time horizons, this may not be feasible. Or is it?


Accessing your income stream in retirement, including minimum withdrawal changes

In response to the coronavirus, the government has introduced changes to the minimum amount you’re required to withdraw from your income stream when you retire. In this article, we’ll address what these changes are and provide things you might consider when investing your money.


Invest with your head, not your heart: managing investment risk

The Coronavirus pandemic is first and foremost a health issue. However, it's also a timely reminder that investment risks always exist. The key to investing wisely is to know the risks you're taking and how your investments are likely to perform within these risk parameters.


Insurance inside super — should you keep it?

If you're a member of a super fund, it's more than likely you have insurance through your super. We've identified some key things to ask to yourself if you're trying to determine if you should keep it.

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Managing your super in a market downturn

If you’ve seen a decrease to your super balance as a result of the coronavirus, it’s understandably cause for concern. Here’s five key areas to consider when experiencing a share market downturn and during increased volatility.

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