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Benefits of insurance in super

Everyday life can be busy, with things like work, bills and for some of us children or other family members to look after, so having the right insurance cover can easily fall off the ‘to-do’ list. But when things really don’t go to plan for you, insurance cover could help make a huge difference. Having insurance in super has some key benefits and can help you relax knowing that you’ve taken an important step to help protect you and your family’s lifecycle.  


What are the benefits of
insurance in super?

It’s paid for outside your take home pay 

This can be a tax-effective* way to cover the cost of insurance outside of your take home pay - plus you don’t have to remember to pay for it since your insurance premiums are automatically taken out of your super balance. 

Cost effective pricing 

We’re able to negotiate group discounts on insurance premiums which can generally be lower than taking up insurance separately.

Automatic acceptance without medicals 

You may be eligible for automatic acceptance depending on the product#. This means you won’t be required to undertake any medical tests or provide evidence of good health to the insurer. 


*Generally taxed at concessional rate of 15%. Please speak with your financial adviser or a registered tax agent to obtain financial advice tailored to your own personal circumstances.

#The types of insurances available, conditions and level of your insurance cover will be specific to the super product or your plan - and are set out in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and/or the relevant Insurance Guide.

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