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Plum super with your employer

We’ve worked with your employer to provide access to a super account that's just for you.

If you’ve already chosen another super fund but would now like to join your employer’s Plum super plan, or you’ve recently secured new role with an employer that offers Plum super, you need to instruct your employer’s payroll to make the change.

Contact your employer for more details on your employer specific plan or if you have any questions about your plan call us on 1300 55 7586 between 8am and 7pm (8pm daylight savings time) Monday to Friday.


Tailored investments

We’ve worked with our investment specialists to create an investment suite for you.


Tailored insurance cover

High level of automatic cover without medical appointments.

Insurance inside your super.

Having insurance within super can give you peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected, with the added convenience of having insurance premiums paid from your super account.

Your employer plan has various types of cover, at different levels to suit members’ needs.

The type and amount of insurance cover that's right for you depends on your personal circumstances. If you leave your employer some of your insurance cover and premiums may change.

To find out more information on the insurance offered through your employer, login to your Plum account and refer to the Insurance Guide or contact your employer.

Additional benefits


Financial wellness on demand

Access webinars, podcasts and videos or book a phone-based consultation - all ways we can help you build financial confidence.

Plum Member Rewards

Access discounted gift cards through our Plum Member Rewards Program.