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Part 2 Your Cashflow

Date: June 2024

Understand where your money is going, how much you spend and weather you can structure your cashflow to better align with your long-term values and goals.

Part 3 Your Wealth

Date: June 2024

Unpack the building blocks of investing and different asset classes, plus understand the real risks involved and what you can do to protect wealth.

Part 4 Your Strategy

Date: June 2024

How does your net wealth position change over time? Listen to the professionals on how they helped clients create a blueprint to achieve their financial goals.

2024 / 25 Federal Budget Analysis

Date: May 2024

The 2024/25 Federal Budget has been announced, and it provides cost of living relief to families, students, small businesses and social security recipients. Watch this video to understand more about the announcements and how they may impact you.

Grow your super to boost your wealth

Date: March 2024

Session discussing investing within super, understanding personal insurance in super, the power of budgeting, and using levers of super to grow your wealth towards retirement.

2024 International Women's Day

Date: March 2024

View our 2024 International Women’s Day session as we explore how women can accelerate gender equality through economic empowerment. Our speaker shares practical tips to help empower individuals work toward their own financial independence.


Financial freedom: A comprehensive guide to achieving true financial independence

In a world of ever-changing economic landscapes, achieving financial freedom has become a universal aspiration. We’ve covered the essential strategies and mindset shifts required to pave the way toward financial independence.

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