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Episode 1: Super contributions

There are a number of ways to boost your super. This podcast discusses the two main contribution options of ‘before tax’ and ‘after tax’ contributions and some of the rules and limits that apply.

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Episode 2: Beneficiary nominations

Who gets your super if you die? This podcast discusses what happens and the benefits of having a valid beneficiary nomination in place.

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Download transcript (PDF, 167KB)

Episode 3: Investment risk

This podcast discusses investment risk, getting the right mix of investments to reflect your age or stage of life and most importantly ensuring they reflect your feelings towards risk and help achieve the returns you need.

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Download transcript (PDF, 135KB)

Episode 4: Downsizer contributions

Upsize your super with downsizer contributions. Downsizer contributions are an additional contribution type, made available to older Australians. This podcast discusses the reasons why it might be considered, the qualifying criteria and pros and cons to consider.

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Download transcript (PDF, 176KB)

Episode 5: Account-based pensions

This podcast discusses the use of account-based pensions as a means of providing a regular and tax-effective income stream for retirees.

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Download transcript (PDF, 188KB)

Episode 6: The benefits of financial advice (Part 1)

What are the benefits of personal finance advice? This podcast, involving a licensed financial planner, provides an introduction to financial planning, a practical look at the experience and how you may benefit from receiving financial advice.

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Download transcript (PDF, 155KB)

Episode 7: The benefits of financial advice (Part 2)

The second part of this series focusses on the types of advice that may be provided and how it must be provided to clients. Joined again by our guest financial planner, we ‘bring to life’ the advice proposition and look at a real client scenario to see how they have benefited from receiving financial advice.

Download audio (MP3, 24.8MB)
Download transcript (PDF, 160KB)

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