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MLC Super Fund – Compliance statement


If you're eligible for and choose to participate in Choice of Fund, the fund you select must be a complying super fund. A complying super fund is one that has elected to be regulated under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993.

The MLC Super Fund ABN 70 732 426 024 is a complying Fund. To obtain a copy of the MLC Super Fund Statement of Compliance, please click the Choice of fund nomination form as the complying fund statement is included on this form. Alternatively, if you have completed the generic ATO Super standard choice form, please click the Letter of Compliance and attach this to your completed form to give to your employer.

If you're not sure whether your fund is a complying super fund, you can:

If you have any further queries, please contact our customer service on 1300 55 7586.

What is choice of fund and how does it apply to you?


The Super Choice legislation that became effective in July 2005 made two important changes to superannuation law:

  • Most employees now have the right to choose which fund their superannuation guarantee contributions will be paid into.
  • Most employers are required to nominate a 'default fund' for super contributions where their employees do not make a choice.

In brief

  • Choice of fund means you can choose a super fund to suit your needs.
  • It applies to the compulsory 9.5% contribution your employer makes on your behalf.
  • Your employer will let you know if you're eligible for Choice of fund.
  • You don't have to make a choice - you can stay in your current default Super.
  • If you'd like to choose a fund, consider asking a qualified financial adviser for financial advice first.

Financial advice

  • The Trustee of the Fund provides members with access to an accredited panel of financial advisers for general advice, at no cost to you*.

Any queries?

If you have any queries or you're not sure if Choice of fund applies to you, ask your employer or call a Super Member Services Consultant on 1300 55 7586 .

* Telephone advice and referral services provided by Actuate Alliance Services Pty Ltd (Actuate) ABN 40 083 233 925 AFSL 240959


The Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Choice of Superannuation Funds) Act 2004 (Choice of Fund) lets many working Australians choose the fund their employers' contributions are paid into.

While Choice of fund may not apply to everyone, the Government wants us to take an active interest in our super as it's generally considered that many Australians won't have enough savings to live comfortably in retirement

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To choose your preferred super fund, consolidate your super, or to make a contribution, go to the Forms and Publications page and download the Consolidation form, Choice of fund form and the Contribution form.

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